Who is Hal Jordan Prime?

“Respect above all. Fear none at all.”


Inspired from Hal Jordan of Green Lantern fame (no, this was way before the disastrous movie starring Ryan Reynolds). It’s a motto I like to keep in my back pocket. Everyone needs a credo.  And it’s one I believe is applicable to all facets of life – especially in mixed martial arts.

I’m an ENFP. My background is in Sports and Event Marketing. I have an undergraduate degree in Media Studies: Public Relations. I have been in the field – which extends to customer service, sales and not-for-profit – for about 5 years and continuing to grow and learn.

Sport is a passion that unites us all. All labels that divide us – nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion are thrown out the window to attend a great event that showcases athletic ability in its highest form. And that is why I will continue to work in this field and advocate for it. It’s not just a career for me, it’s an extension of my beliefs: passion, authenticity, courage.

Mixed martial arts emphasizes on these values even more. Other than the fact that it is young, the fastest growing sport globally and very multicultural, the juxtaposition of human ferocity, skill, athleticism and respect is unlike any other sport there is.

You can argue other sports have those but what other sport is there where you have two people beat each other half to death and still respect each other?

It’s because in mixed martial arts, respect will transcend everything – including violence. Mixed martial arts may desensitize most of us to violence but it also advocates honour and respect for your enemy. Something I wish everyone would adapt especially on a global scale.

Through this blog, I share my love for mixed martial arts. I do a combination of fight analysis, previews, ideas, fighter personality study and advocacy.

Last updated: 10/16/13

All comments, questions – even your petty little insults are most welcome. But please, have a purpose to your actions.


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